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There are very few signs telling you where you are or which way to travel to get to a particular section or street, so if you decide to ride this trail take your GPS with you and a copy of the bike trail map or you will get lost. I took my family during the summer of We had a GPS and a printed map and we still took several wrong turns. Even though you're probably going to get lost, it's well worth the trip. The trail meanders through apartment complexes from time to time, but you're generally surrounded by great scenery. We passed several ponds and creeks, and crossed over several scenic bridges.

Folsom is a bike friendly community, and is safe enough that we weren't nervous after dark.

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If you can figure out where you are, there are plenty of places near the trail to get a meal. We found a few restrooms along our route and used the GPS to find food.

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Restaurants with outdoor tables and bike racks are a common sight in Folsom. There aren't any towering hill climbs, but there were a few segments that were steep enough that I had to tow my five year old. If you're traveling with toddlers you should talk to a local bike shop to find an easy section. We didn't encounter anything that our nine year old couldn't handle. That trail connects to this trail system somewhere around mile marker I usually pedal from Discovery park with my kids, so I don't think I've pedaled more than half of what's currently available in this trail system.

As a result I can't vouch for every inch of it. However, the sections I have traveled are good enough that I would not hesitate to drive for three hours to come ride this trail if I wasn't local.


I tried this with my young kids in We started in Discovery park on the Jedediah Smith American River Bike trail , biked down to old Sac on the Sacramento River Bike Trail where we had some ice cream cones, and on the way back to Discovery park we decided to take this trail to 12th street, take the 12th street bridge N Sacramento FWY over to Northgate blvd and get back on to the Jedediah Smith trail. The trail itself is in good condition and connects up to several other glorious area trails.

It's paved the whole way with a few dirt spurs that go down to the river's edge and fairly open. However, I don't know where the photo that's featured for this trail was taken as I didn't see anything remotely similar on our route. There were a lot of homeless folks camped out along the route, and very few of the regular bikers and hikers that you normally see on the other trails. Getting off on 12th street was hair raising with little kids in tow, and there isn't a connector to put you back on the American River bike trail on the other side of the bridge, so if you don't know where you're going you might get lost and end up in a homeless camp.

If you're with a few buddies and it's still broad daylight, then it might be worth doing. Unfortunately, the trail gets very little traffic right now so the police rarely patrol it and it really doesn't go anywhere. If they ever build the trail out to the University it will might probably become a great trail.

As of spring it's really not worth riding this trail even if you live here. This is a great trail that is a smooth ride with many benches and stopping points along the way, even a few restrooms as well. People are decently considerate on the trail but you will have the occasional "tour de Sacramento" guy going way too fast. Also if you are a mountain biker steer clear, the Park Rangers do not mess around here and you don't want to be caught off the paved trail, there are many off road paths along the route but strictly no bikes on that part.

There are guys riding motorbikes on the trail sometime. They usually stick to the hills but will come down to the trail.

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There are some incredibly blind turns and these guys are driving really fast. They WILL hurt someone or themselves one day. I don't really enjoy this trail. I only use it for my convenience. In fact, I use this trail to get to the Marsh Creek Trail, which is awesome! If you are looking for a smooth ride without a lot of traffic, this is your trail.

The first half near lake Natoma has been freshly repaved and is billiard table smooth. The two street crossings have signals but other than those, it's a great path for fast riding. I ride form the North end of the trail.

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Most riders do not go south of CA16, Jackson Rd. The channel is cut to a very flat slope, and the train follows that slope almost all the way to CA There are sections below grade where the sun and wind do not go in late afternoon. If you are looking for a place to practice your speed riding this is one of the best. Ride At times there is water in a ditch you can ride through just South of Ca16, You need to lime over or under the gate at Sloughhouse Rd. There is more water to cycle through where the canal goes under Dear Creek, but when you get to where the channel goes under the Consumes River, you may have to swim.

The river is about feet wide, and the canal is underground for approximately feet. There are about feet of field between the river and the next section of the channel. You should be able to go East on Ca16 for 4. I recently start experimenting with cycling and this is the very first trail I ventured out on.

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It's beautiful and as was my estimate of this trail, it is 7. We typically ride our bikes here at dusk. It has very few people then. We sorta race through the trail all the way to downtown Roseville to Harding Blvd, then turn around and go all the way back to Orvieto Drive. Last night we were there pretty late and we seen a coyote. He was glorious! We seen him but stayed our distance. This whole trail runs along a beautiful creek. The nature here is almost surreal. It even has Maudie Native American grinding stones. This trail is awesome. TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy a non-profit and we need your support!

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Looking for the best trails around Rancho Cordova? Go to:. Map Search. Map view. Sort by. Relevance Name Length Most Popular. Alamo Creek Bikeway 4. Bannon Creek Parkway 1. Bear Creek Trail CA 8 mi. Browns Valley Road Trail 1. Calaveras River Bike Path 6. Central County Bikeway 2. Clarksburg Branch Line Trail 3. Delta de Anza Regional Trail 21 mi. Dentoni Park Trail 1.

Center Moon The Stone Of Cordova Book One

Dry Creek Greenway Roseville 0. Dry Creek Parkway 7. East Davis Greenways 13 mi. El Dorado Trail Elk Grove Creek Trail 8. Fairfield Linear Park 6. Folsom Parkway Rail Trail 2. Folsom South Canal Recreation Trail Franklin Creek Trail 6. French Camp Slough Trail 2. Humbug-Willow Creek Trail 18 mi. Laguna Creek Trail 4 mi. Lake Natoma Trail 6 mi.

Marsh Creek Trail 8. Mather Heritage Trail 1. McCoy Creek Trail 0.

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