Ghosts And Shadows

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So exactly what are shadow people and how real can they possibly be?

Land of Ghosts and Shadows

The term used to describe these alleged beings was apparently coined by author Heidi Hollis, who has penned several books on paranormal phenomena. And it appears that these beings have, in fact, been around throughout history, as descriptions of shadowy, human-like figures have appeared in folklore dating back to ancient times.

Similarly, in Hollis' book about shadow people, titled The Secret War , she describes them as "dark silhouettes with human shapes and profiles that flicker in and out of peripheral vision. There are, of course, many theories about where shadow people come from and whether or not they're even real.

Mulholland - Ghosts & Shadows

And of course, there's always the explanation that your peripheral vision is basically guaranteed to play tricks on you — because it's designed to detect motion and movement, not detail, it's likely that you could make mountains out of molehills or in this case, shadow people out of shadows if you were in the right mindset.

But then there are the paranormal theories — the ones that seem to resonate more with the people who have actually lived through the terrifying encounters and feel strongly that shadow people are more than just imaginary. Hollis, through her research and experience, apparently believes that shadow people are extra-terrestrial in origin — in other words, they're aliens.

Author and leading paranormal expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley appears to also have seen an alien connection. So perhaps these beings are alien in origin, but others believe they may be ghosts, demons, or other kinds of interdimensional beings. According to Natalia Kuna, a psychic medium , "Shadow people are said to be conscious, intelligent, interdimensional beings that can shapeshift into various forms and figurations, and move back and forth between dimensions.

Knight of Ghosts and Shadows

But not so fast Most reports on shadow people are overwhelming negative encounters with shadow people tend to be accompanied by a feeling of dread, according to many reports — and sorry, but the glowing red eyes are decidedly un chill, IMO , but there are allegedly different types of shadow beings, and some of them are non-threatening. Apparently there's one type of shadow person that is said to be more demonic in nature, and that's known as "The Hat Man" and is reportedly seen wearing a top hat and suit.

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As Steve and his dad flee the house, a pair of clearly visible figures watch them from beside the stairs. While Olivia stands in the kitchen doorway, a ghostly figure peeks at her from behind a large cupboard.

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It looks like a lovely day from the view of the garden behind Shirley, but only until you notice the tiny figure staring at her from the bushes and ruining everything. Ghosts love to hang out under that chandelier in the dining room. One watches Olivia and Shirley as they discuss the house. Look on the right to spot a face peeking through a glass panel in the door to watch Theo.

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When Theo and Luke are playing with the dumbwaiter, a blonde-haired ghosts listens from the room next door. On the left side, behind the glass door, you can see the arm of a tall woman. Much clearer is this miserable guy, visible between the steps when Theo opens the trap door to the basement. As Hugh, Nell and Luke run down the hall there is a figure clearly watching them on the left-hand side, behind the red lamp. That blonde ghost absolutely loves a chandelier.

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Here she is hanging out under another one, perving on an intimate moment between Hugh and Olivia. Cast your eyes over to the glass-windowed cupboard on the left, then down a little.

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Spot the small figure with its hand on the window pane? If you spotted this one yourself it probably scared the life out of you.