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There is no spurting blood, no guns, no knives, no slicing or dicing or any of that. Most of the violence is implied. When do you know the final, final, final twist? Is it during the plotting or during the writing? Harlan: I usually know the ending before I start. I know most of the major book ending twists. Harlan: Nope.

How important is the author tour for getting the word out? Harlan: There is an old saying about advertising: Fifty percent is effective, but nobody knows what fifty percent. The same is sort of true about touring. I have four kids so I can only go away so much. In sum, the answer is: I have no idea. That should be fun.

Ali: How are you going to top Just One Look? Harlan: I wonder that after every book. What else can I do? Can you tell us your highlights?

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Harlan: I enjoy the heck out of Bouchercon. The ending still makes me shiver. All you have to do is answer ONE simple question Shotseditor yahoo. Ali S Karim is an industrial chemist, freelance journalist and book reviewer living in England. Always a pleasure, Ali. I was tired of novels about serial killers or big conspiracies. Were you surprised when you did the first standalone Tell No One that it would be such a critical and commercial success? I never really knew I was one. Tell us about Just One Look?

I have four young children.

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In terms of sheer page turning power you are second to none. Oh very. Just One Look has your most twisted plot so far, and one that is really, really complex with nothing appearing as it first seems. Do you need medication or hospital treatment when you finish one of these mind-bending thrillers?

I have four young kids.

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I try to tell a gripping, compelling story. What demographic profile are your readers? Characters are really crucial in your books even if they have multi-facets to their natures. Character for me is easier than plot. Grace Lawson is a complex character that discovers skeletons from the past that affect the present.

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As for villains, your imagination is so vivid and graphic. Well, read the Eric Wu scenes closely. The book marks the debut of Myron Bolitar, an impulsive and kind-hearted sports agent; a hero in suspense fiction as told by the celebrated Harlan Coben. But now, all the headlines are that of a player completely off track. When Valerie is murdered in cold blood and her body dumped right outside the stadium at the U. Open, Myron Bolitar, a renowned sports agent, steps in to investigate the killing; one that will unearth a gut-wrenching connection between two players and a six-year-old murder at an affluent mainline club.

As Myron delves deeper into the case, along with a dirty U.

Myron Bolitar, a sports agent and occasional investigator, is summoned by Clip Arnstein, the owner of the New Jersey Dragons, following the mysterious disappearance of star player Greg Downing. Greg and Myron have a history together, as they had a fierce rivalry throughout their youth and college days, although Myron never made it to pro-ball after a freak knee injury. With investigations further providing leads to a custody battle, a murder weapon and a sex tape, solving the puzzle will cause Myron both physical and emotional danger.

#10: Tell No One

Myron Bolitar is brought in to investigate the mysterious kidnapping of Chad Coldren, the son of two professional golfers; with the abduction conveniently occurring while Jack, his father, is assuredly on his way to winning the U. Just when the plot tracks back to twenty-three years ago which was the last time Jack Coldren nearly won the U. Open, Myron's attention quickly shifts after Chad is released, but his father is murdered. As Myron connects the murder to Jack's wife Linda, what he discovers next will be beyond his wildest imaginations….

Norm Zuckerman, CEO of Zoom sports manufacturing company, invites Myron Bolitar to protect his prized player, Brenda Slaughter, who has been receiving anonymous threats. Reluctant at first, Myron undertakes to help her not just to become her agent, but because he realizes that they have tie from the past that binds them together. But as Myron works closely with Brenda to find her parents, he suddenly realizes that his feelings for her are growing ever so deeper; making him to question his long standing relationship with Jessica-his live-in lover.


Harlan Coben: 'We're in the golden age of television'

Myron is nonetheless already too involved, and with plenty at stake, he draws closer to uncovering the truth. Being visited by his ex-girlfriend out of the blue is already disconcerting enough, but the news Emily Downing is bearing will bring Myron Bolitar to his knees.

Jeremy, her son, is on his deathbed and urgently needs a bone marrow transplant but the donor has disappeared without a trace.

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Myron is determined to help Jeremy, but finding the vanished donor would translate to opening up dark mysteries involving a broken family, a heinous kidnapping splurge and the FBI. He thus makes two neighborhood girls give their word to call him should they ever find themselves in a dilemma, and are afraid to call their parents. One of the girls, Aimee Biel, calls him in the dead of night several days later, and Myron picks her up in midtown Manhattan before dropping her to a quiet cul-de-sac in New Jersey where she claims a friend of hers lives.

Aimee however goes missing the following day, with Myron being the last person to see her. Determined to fulfill his well intended promise, Myron embarks on a mission to find the girl, but events from his past will haunt his every step. When Myron Bolitar receives an unexpected early morning phone call from ex-lover, Terese, he immediately travels to Paris only to be informed by the French authorities that she has been arrested.

Terese is the key suspect in the murder of her ex-husband Rick, although she is soon cleared of the charges. After evading his own kidnapping, Myron catches sight of a teenage blonde girl with a striking resemblance to Terese. When Suzze T, a former tennis star and her husband, Lex, a rock star, are targeted with an anonymous Facebook post questioning the fatherhood of their unborn child, Lex runs off-leaving Suzze alone at eight months pregnant.

As he races against time to find his missing brother whilst their father still clings on to dear life, Myron faces the very same lies that led to their separation. Ten years ago, kidnappers, who had abducted two boys from well-to-do families, demanded ransom before suddenly going silent. For an entire decade, their families were left with nothing save for agonizing memories, with no trace of the boys ever surfacing.

Brighter days however seem to be on the horizon, as Myron Bolitar and his close friend, Win, are convinced they are on to something as they have located one of the boys-now a teenager.