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Gwen not rated, 1 hour, 24 minutes Gwen is a young girl desperately trying to hold her home together -- struggling with her mother's mysterious illness, her father's absence and a ruthless mining company encroaching on their land. As a growing darkness begins to take grip of her home, the local community grows suspicious and turns on Gwen and her family. Written and directed by William McGregor.

This pokey, indifferent psychological crime thriller concerns a man with an unenviable past who travels from Britain to Pakistan to attend a wedding, with a plan to kidnap the bride-to-be. With Radhika Apte. Maiden PG, 1 hour, 37 minutes So you think you're not interested in crossing the wide-open seas?

That shouldn't stop you from enjoying Maiden , an exciting and revelatory documentary that takes viewers along for the ride as Tracy Edwards, a year-old British charter-boat cook, becomes the skipper of an all-female crew that enters the Whitbread Round the World race in Using breathtaking archival footage captured by Joanna Gooding, the ship's cook and official videographer along with you-are-there narratives, nerd-enchanting mechanical descriptions, and expressively emotional scenes of the thrill of overcoming self-doubt as well as the deprecation of male competitors, director Alex Holmes makes viewers feel as if they're on the deck of the Maiden.

Time-honored prejudices about women's abilities and ambitions are thrown to the four winds as the all-girl crew and their leader who has a weighty back story as a rowdy teenager to overcome as well battle to gain the yacht world's respect as they risk everything in a wild adventure, tautly focused to come out on top. But like most vacations, something goes wrong, and our hero, who planned to be just a regular guy while away, finds himself forced to do super-hero-style battle with a villain known as Mysterio.

With Tom Holland, Samuel L. Framing John DeLorean not rated, 1 hour, 49 minutes A composed and compelling re-enactment documentary that looks into whether controversial American automaker John DeLorean was a renegade visionary who revolutionized the automobile industry or an extraordinarily talented con man. Driven R, 1 hour, 48 minutes Yet another John DeLorean-focused film, this nicely performed but slow-moving comedic mystery with an impressive cast focuses on his rise in the automotive industry and the price he's willing to pay to keep his struggling company afloat.

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Complicating matters is an FBI informant and a cocaine trafficking ring. Itsy Bitsy not rated, 1 hour, 34 minutes A smart horror-thriller, with decent performances and more than a few surprises, follows a private nurse who moves herself and her two children from urban bustle to pastoral countryside to care for an aging victim of multiple sclerosis. There she discovers a relic that could lead to everyone's doom. Home Movies home movies by Karen Martin October 11, at a. It's pretty much the model for what a series revival should be.

Deadwood: The Movie.

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While making a movie, Brendon, Melissa, and Jason get detention for trespassing on school property. Linda is pregnant and gives birth while Brendon, Melissa, and Jason are getting ready for a Halloween party. Coach McGuirk runs into Stephanie who tried to seduce him back in season two and she tries recruiting him into a new religious group she is a part of. Instead, they get frisky and the excitement causes Coach McGuirk to have a heart attack and end up at the same hospital as Linda. Also, this episode is funny because Melissa is at the hospital dressed as the grim reaper. Paula gets a new haircut and Brendon enters his first film festival.

Brendon takes the idea of tipping too far when he tries to tip the video rental worker in order to get him to take his movie to the film festival. At the end of the episode, Paula, Coach McGuirk, and Brendon all try and take back the tips they gave from the beginning of the episode.

“Director’s Cut” (season one, episode six)

This episode shows both Coach McGuirk and Brendon cheating on a test. Brendon cheats on Mr. Of course, Brendon immediately feels guilty of cheating on the test. Coach McGuirk talks Melissa into being his fake daughter so she can tell him the answers for a driving test. At the end of the episode, Coach McGuirk almost hits Brendon and Jason because of his plan to cheat the driving test. The series finale of the show does a good job of bringing us back to the beginning while showing the growth of Brendon, Jason, and Melissa. Jason questions Brendon about the possibility of Coach McGuirk being his new father and Melissa joins the conversation wearing a lot of makeup.

The episode closes when Brendon accidentally drops his camera and a car runs over it.


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Matthew Hart. Tai Gooden.