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Sort order. Apr 30, Samantha rated it it was amazing Shelves: Too short! Although it encapsulated all it needed to! Makes you look at live in a completely new and comprehensible light There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Cheryle Pearce. Cheryle Pearce. The classic tale, whose most widely read literary version is the 18th-century story by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, has been adapted before, notably by Jean Cocteau in and by Disney animators in Barnz sets the action in a Manhattan prep school, where an arrogant, good-looking rich kid is transformed by a witch into an ugly guy.

He has to learn to be a good enough person for the sweet heroine to love him in spite of his looks. The problem with Mr. View all New York Times newsletters. Thanks to video games, computer graphics and the general awfulness of everyday life, fantasies of all kinds have had a resurgence in the past few years.

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But the social realities on which the original fairy tales depend are almost incomprehensibly alien to 21st-century sensibilities; they reek of feudalism. Although the story is set in a vaguely medieval fairy-tale kingdom — easier to conjure now, with digital effects — the tone is cheerfully, unapologetically anachronistic.

Was there really so much insult humor in the Middle Ages? And the story has been altered to reflect more contemporary notions about the roles of men and women. Snow White is a much more can-do kind of princess than the passive heroine of yore, and this Prince Charming is quite a bit less masterful. At the youth-intensive screening I attended, the seven dwarfs, a bickering band of brigands, stole the show. Quick-witted, practical heroines, interesting twists on old stories, mixing them up with made-up myths and legends… This Beauty and the Beast retelling has the perfect slow-burn romance, high stakes, and exactly the kind of Beauty I want to read about.

While I loved the lesbian romance between the protagonists, I felt the world building was way too ambitious for a novella. There is simply too much hinted at and not enough explanation or even hints at explanations for the world to be convincing. Excellent characters and relationships, but a rather weak plot and mediocre world-building. So just an okay read. Brigid Kemmerer — A Curse so Dark and Lonely read in A great idea with a wonderfully active heroine who has cerebral palsy and a lot of guts.

I loved the characters, I thought the curse was brilliantly dark and truly cruel. Will read the sequel! Dunkle — The Hollow Kingdom G. The Lass and her relationship to her brother Hans Peter made the book special while the rest of it sticks closely to the fairy tale it retells. Edith Pattou — East read in What a lovely retelling. Pattou builds her own beautiful world and puts her heroine Rose through a lot before she can save her prince.

Great side characters, wonderful mythology, an all-around great retelling! A very original take on the fairy tale with a kick-ass protagonist and a twist at the end that totally blew my mind! Characters come to life and live and breathe on every page.

The smart little tidbits in parentheses reveal worlds about their personalities. Oh, and making 12 girls real and believable is a feat of strength all by itself. After reading this, I want to be friends with Jo and Lou, and go dance the Charleston until my shoes fall apart. Catherynne M. Valente — Speak Easy read in A very, very loose retelling but a brilliant story in its own right.

The Hotel Artemisia is filled with colorful inhabitants, booze, dancing, and its very own underworld… erm, I mean basement. The narration is gorgeous, the story heartbreaking what else? Tansy Rayner Roberts — Dance, Princes, Dance read in The sequel to Glass Slipper Scandal deals mostly with the original characters, but there is definitely a fairy ball happening every night.

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I loved the humor and the ending lines, as well as the diversity of the tales. This is a lovely and very quick read. Also: totally suitable for small children. But in addition to a crooked man helping her, there is excellent world building, drama, wars, and a romance. I absolutely loved this and cannot recommend it enough!

‘Mirror Mirror,’ ‘Grimm’ and Hollywood Love for Fairy Tales - The New York Times

A good, darker retelling. I loved the three main characters and their resolve, I loved how these three women worked together, and I loved the setting. I hope Novik writes many more of these fairy tale inspired stories set in vaguely Eastern European places. Elizabeth C. There are no surprising twists or turns, but Shannon Hale gives the rather flat fairy tale characters a personality and agency.

While there is a tender romance, the heart of the novel is politics and identity.

These themes are beautifully explored and packed into a slow but satisfying story. The great thing is, you can read the book without knowing the fairy tale first. Alyrra is a kind and quiet heroine who stands up for those she loves. A little lacking in romance and a bit overloaded during the second half of the novel, this was still an enjoyable read with great character growth.

Alethea Kontis — Dearest read in While the first two Woodcutter books charmed me out of my socks and made me utterly in love with its characters, this was the opposite. Bland insta-love, constant repetitions, a boring plot, and things that fall into place way too neatly. The Goose Girl part is a side-plot with the focus on the Six Swans.

I liked Hazel immediately and could relate to her love for everything imaginative. I liked the part set in the real world better than the part that is much more clearly a fairy tale, but overall, this was a very good book for children. And the illustrations are breath-taking! Benjanun Sriduangkaew — Winterglass read in A fantastic novella, told in lush language, about one woman who wants to kill the Winter Queen who has enslaved her land.

Brilliant world-building, fantastic characters, a fast-paced plot, and original ideas. The beginning was rather slow and very fairy tale-like almost no characterization, quick plot, etc. The animal sidekicks were also wonderful, the mythology was lovely, and have you seen the covers on these retellings? Joan D. I came to adore Lissar and felt for her every step of her rocky way, and I also loved the imagery used in this novel. There are some passages that require ploughing through, but the ending makes it all worthwile.

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Plus, butterflies guaranteed. Friday is bland, the extreme insta-love left me emotionless, and the terrible consequences some characters have to bear in the fairy tale were magically explained away, with everything being too happy and too neat and altogether too uninteresting. But the Frog Prince part deserves to be mentioned separately.

Because that part irked me. Sunday falls in love with the frog really, really quickly. Like three days quickly. The romance continues later on and becomes more believable. I stand by my opinion — I loved this book — but it could have used a bit more time for developing the romance. It read a bit like a documentary on frogs, the only fairy tale element being the hag and the fact that Pin is a very un-frog-like frog. Cute, short, and quite original, but not my favorite type of retelling.

I hated all of the characters, most of all protagonist Buffy, with her man-hating, embittered view of the world. The plot was incredibly weird, but got better as the story gets more comfortable with its own magic. Garth Nix — Frogkisser! Stories within stories within stories mesh with stories that happen to other characters but at the same time. There are stories that will make you laugh, stories that will break your heart, characters who grow into themselves, who find friends, who fight for what they believe in.

There is myth and magic and crazy ideas — and it all comes together beautifully. If you do mind, just keep track on a piece of paper and read it anyway. Catherine F.

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But it adds lovely twists and a new focus. It is much more about the frame story than the tales told. I quite liked it. Johnston — A Thousand Nights E. But the titular story was the most impressive one. Dark and sexy, with lyrical language — I was fascinated and terrified alike. Angela Carter just blew me away. I already put her gorgeous Fairy Tales book on my wishlist.