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I conceive part of my task as reviving those disused lines, taking off the rust from the keys, opening the locked doors of narrative, making sewers, underground passages and secret winding-stairs meet, like at the end of Les Hommes de cire. At the end of the chapter, the police barges in and searches the place, so that when Inspector Lestrade introduces himself, I expect my reader to expect a connexion with a Sherlock Holmes story.

In Les Hommes de cire , where I needed an Indian traveller and specialist of Indian religion to escort Holmes and Watson all the way to India, Mr Murthwaite seems to return from and out of The Moonstone , and is given a new literary life: he is presented as a former College chum of both Holmes and Jekyll, a clear literary impossiblity, but an exciting cross-breeding of different worlds, and this time the two trains are coupled.

The issue here was not so much switching as stitching, crossing as weaving together, sewing unlikely words onto the likely Victorian world I had recreated, and thus create an inconceivable text, an impossible possible conceived of as a literary and intertextual construct.

As far as I was concerned, my description of the Thames implied fog, not because fog was to be found in Victorian London, but because it is to be found in Victorian art and literature Where could I find an opium-den, if not in former descriptions of opium-dens, i. Not only could different spaces, but times also connect. This I will try to meet by several arguments:.

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The mixed metaphor of colour and clothes is that used by Julien Gracq in order to define the effect of literary allusions:. In other words, I become more and more of an author, less and less of a reader: I tend to see fewer and fewer allusions, not to notice the jolts, while the reader tends to detect more and more, thus acting out the text, or co-operating with it.

Jain Publishers, New Dehli.

The book exists: I have seen it on display in a Paris bookshop. It is true that it was not written by Sherlock Holmes, but by saying he is, I transform an impossible into a possible, which cannot be simply apocryphal, since the book exists. My library is not simply outside the novel — whether shared or not by author and readers — but inside, shared as it is by characters belonging to separate worlds: Hyde, Jekyll and Holmes are linked together by the book the latter is supposed to have written.

In Les Hommes de cire , a narrative supposedly written by Holmes — or is it his automaton? Eliot , T.

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Collected Poems , London, Faber, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, Lewis , David, On the plurality of worlds , Oxford, Blackwell, Mellier , Denis, ed. Menegaldo, Poitiers, La Licorne, The page references are to the French edition. The same goes for Lector in fabula LF. Sutherland, quoting from Allen J.

Doyle was one of the few readers of Dorian Gray who were not shocked by it. Mycroft has his rails and he runs on them [ The newspaper extracts thus sound like pastiches of Doyle by Doyle. Sherry Turkle , pp.

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  • Cultural, epistemological and metaphysical debates were all expressed in a vocabulary bristling with linguistic jargon Pavel: , p. She argues that poststructuralism is a reaction to the centralizing features of the technocratic reorganization of France. Robert Young , p. Broadly, however, it involves a critique of metaphysics of the concepts of causality, of identity, of the subject, and of truth , of the theory of the sign, and the acknowledgement and incorporation of psychoanalytic modes of thought.

    In brief, it may be said that poststructuralism fractures the serene unity of the stable sign and the unified subject. In her terms: All forms of poststructuralism assume that meaning is constituted within language and is not guaranteed by the subject which speaks it…. Psychoanalytic forms of poststructuralism look to a fixed psycho-sexual order; deconstruction looks to the relationship between different texts; and Foucauldian theory…looks to historically specific discursive relations and social practices , p.

    Ellie Ragland-Sullivan , p. Profoundly elusive, purposively ambiguous, these are terms which are not used systematically, and about which there is no consensus. Yet they have come to dominate the critical and cultural landscape. Peter Dews , p. With respect to deconstruction, Young , p.

    Deconstruction is a certain masturbation with the text, playing with the terms at hand. Derrida demonstrates the careful, contingent manipulation of meanings and the endless deferral of sense: The movements of deconstruction do not destroy structures from the outside. They are not possible and effective, nor can they take accurate aim, except by inhabiting those structures.

    Inhabiting them in a certain way, because one always inhabits, and all the more so when one does not suspect it. Operating necessarily from the inside, borrowing all from the old structure…the enterprise of deconstruction always in a certain way falls prey to its own work , p. In other words, Derrida interrupts coitus reservatus but does not abstain! Elizabeth Grosz defines deconstruction9 as the procedure of investigating the binary logic of metaphysical texts through an operation of reading which involves reversal, displacement and indetermination: 8.

    See her useful glossary of terms which introduces Sexual Subversions. Deconstruction in its technical sense refers to a series of tactics and devices rather than a method: strategies to reveal the unarticulated presuppositions on which metaphysical and logocentric texts are based Grosz: , p. Or a feminist. Deconstruction hopes to endlessly defer feminism.

    Western philosophy has been categorized according to classical, medieval, and modern periods.

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    Hominids and their tools. Their projections? The running has been made in this latter development primarily by North American philosophers, critics and social theorists, with the help of a couple of Parisian figures, Lyotard and Jean Baudrillard who appear, when set beside Deleuze, Derrida and Foucault, as the epigoni of poststructuralism. Hassan includes in this list Godot and Superman the movie, I assume, not the book by Nietzsche. John Rajchman provides a Foucauldian history of the category, postmodernism. Given the elusiveness of a chronology for postmodernism and its masked cohort, it seems a definition of the Mystery itself is beyond human capabilities.

    Charles Bernstein , p. John Rajchman , p.

    One jumbles together the different theoretical idioms available without commensurating them into a single coherent language. Some definitions have come forward, nevertheless.

    La fonction subversive du droit comparé

    From the right, J. Merquoir , p. Craig Owens , p. From a Marxist perspective, Alex Callinicos b, p. Jurgen Habermas , from a perspective informed by the Frankfurt School and critical theory, defines it as a neoconservative intellectual movement. Linda Nicholson and Susan Hekman define postmodernism as what women lack and feminists should envy. In this context, Huyssen distinguishes poststructuralism as a critical discourse, from postmodernism, an artistic discourse. Huyssen wants to retain for postmodernism the role of a theory of the postmodern, and contain poststructuralism as a critique of modernism.

    For Lyotard, critique, like alienation, is impossible, out of fashion. He takes a position of self-regulation within his own philosophical meditation, such that he both represents and diagnoses postmodernism: this is the simultaneity of the postmodern condition. And I would insist precisely on the fact that this development is searching for its legitimation , p.

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    Such hard materials on which to base a modern sensibility no longer exist. Simultaneously, technoscience has relegated the last five thousand years to the history of the stone age, and humanity as the measure of all things is only a nostalgia. Even the frontiers of life and death become fluid, mobile. We are already other, indeed, we are the immaculately conceived! Can we say then that postmodernism is the philosophy of the immaculately deceived? The undead?