Martín Coronas, pintor (Spanish Edition)

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Arrangements by: Sánchez Allú, Martín

The National Museum of Mexican Art has thirty of his paintings. Pensamiento y pintura was published, based on the work by the artist. However he does not follow any of these trends faithfully either, leading his work to be characterized as Cubist and Surrealist.

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The first focused on Mexican archetypes and lasted from to These figures were often life-sized or monumental, with solid and thick forms focusing on folkloric content with embellished realism. These compositions are simplistic, with restricted but rich color to evoke nostalgia, but without being purely decorative.

These works depicted everyday life in Mexico, with exaggerated proportions and gigantic figures for poetic effect.

These figures included prostitutes, laborers, and people of poor neighborhoods. Some are nudes and some seem to look off into the horizon. Towards the end of this period, his colors become paler. In this stage, colors pale to cold lilacs, blues, grays and light pinks, revolving around white with the only dark and profound colors appearing in night skies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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