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It aims also to foster the awareness and discussion on the topics of Harmony and Proportion with a focus on different utopian visions and readings relevant to the arts, sciences and humanities and their importance and benefits for the community at large. Utopia: A world to be, through denegation and affirmation of collective consciousness A. The four modes of thinking framed by utopian discursivity.

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Or why we need Utopia F. The utopia of paradise in architecture—gardens, countryside, and landscape in Roman and Renaissance villas I. Pires Fernandes. Architecture and built utopia.

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Icons and symbols in the rural landscape of J. Ledoux D. Chizzoniti, L. Cattani, M. Amplifying reality through quadratura: Contrappunto among corporeal and visual space J. The utopian moment: The language of positivism in modern architecture and urbanism M. Utopia and reality in the workspace R. Radical and utopic: The mega-structuralist formalization of house and city A.

Santos Leite. Small utopias. Influence of social factors on spatial development of ecological settlement structures A. From Rotor to utopia? On Rotor, Fourier and the relation between architecture and utopia F. Worlds and real and imaginary borders: Mediation stages or creation as a will to shine A. Santos Guerreiro. Contemporary utopias in art and architecture: Searching for spiritual significance in the work of John Pawson and Anselm Kiefer S. Magalhaes Pinto.

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Romano Ribeiro. Paula Avelar. Gregorio Lopez: An alter - native image from a 16th century globalising world L. Utopia in early modern Portugal and Spain: The censorship of a nest of vipers H. The utopia of a healthy land: Leprosy reports in Portuguese colonial America A. Sensate utopia—experiencing unreachable in the state spectacle of socialist Yugoslavia J. Retaining and re-creating identity among Polish migrants in the United Kingdom R. Exploring the realms of utopia: Science fiction and adventure in A red sun also rises and The giver I. Learn more about Mario S.

He has participated in scientific research studies and consulting work for outside entities and contributed to several publications and training courses in order to disseminate the results of his research activities at national and international universities. His main research areas are: harmony and proportion in representation between West and East and its application to sustainable architecture, in particular by applying concepts of origami and Kirigami to materials such as paper and bamboo.

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police-risk-management.com/order/celll/seh-rintracciare-cellulare-rubato.php Add to Wish List. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Description Table of Contents Editor s Bio. Bortot Harmony as a tangible utopia J. Goncalves Architecture and built utopia. Preis Amplifying reality through quadratura: Contrappunto among corporeal and visual space J. Because of their large, heavy body size, the adults have no trouble eating prey as large as fully grown rabbits. When prey happens by, they strike with very fast precision from any angle. Once they strike their prey, they hang on to it with their large fangs rather than letting it go and waiting for it to die.

This behaviour is very different from the behaviour of other species of vipers. These snakes feed on a variety of birds and mammals, such as doves, many different species of rodents, including field mice and rats, as well as hares and rabbits. There are also reports of more unlikely prey items, such as tree monkeys, the brush-tailed porcupine Atherurus and even the small royal antelope Neotragus. During peak sexual activity, males engage in combat.

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This starts with one male rubbing its chin along the back of the other. The second male will then raise its head as high as possible. As they both do the same, the necks intertwine. When the heads are level, they turn towards each other and push. Their bodies intertwine as they switch positions. They become oblivious to everything else, continuing even after they fall off a surface or into water.

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Sometimes they intertwine and squeeze so tightly that their scales stand out from the pressure. They have also been observed to strike at each other with mouths closed. Occasionally, the combatants will tire and break off the fight by "mutual consent", resting for a while before resuming once more. In captivity, combat may occur four or five times a week until courtship and copulation ends. Gestation takes about seven months, which suggests a breeding cycle of two to three years. A five-year breeding cycle may also be possible. Usually, they give birth in late summer.

Bites from this species are extremely rare, due to their unaggressive nature and because their range is limited to rainforest areas. Even an average bite from an average-sized specimen is potentially fatal. The snake's cytotoxic venom itself is not considered particularly toxic based on tests conducted in mice.

In mice, the LD 50 is 0. Yield is probably related to body weight, as opposed to milking interval. A study by Marsh and Whaler reported a maximum yield of 9. Two to three electrical bursts within a space of five seconds apart were enough to empty the venom glands.

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The Gaboon vipers used for the study were milked between seven and 11 times over a month period, during which they remained in good health and the potency of their venom remained the same. Due to the rarity of these type of snakebites, further investigation is needed. In humans, a bite from a Gaboon viper causes rapid and conspicuous swelling , intense pain , severe shock and local blistering. Other symptoms may include uncoordinated movements, defecation , urination , swelling of the tongue and eyelids, convulsions and unconsciousness.

There may be sudden hypotension , heart damage and dyspnoea. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Herpetologists' League. The Dangerous Snakes of Africa. Ralph Curtis Books. Dubai: Oriental Press. Malabar, Florida: Krieger Publishing Company. Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

Retrieved 6 August Comprenant l'histoire des serpents venimeux. Paris: Roret.