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Sometimes the two strains were at odds, and sometimes the tension between the two created works of genius.

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Another word for this, of course, is schizophrenic. And although Cash was never the musical equal of singer-songwriters like Haggard or Parton, he is at least a welcome exception to the rule that silently guides this documentary: chart success on the radio. Sometimes that thinking seems almost knuckleheaded: if you were a hit, you were important.

Let the cash register be your guide. But so it does, and thus the insanely popular but musically uninteresting Garth Brooks gets an embarrassing amount of screen time, while Bill Monroe, one of the orneriest but greatest geniuses of all American music, just gets the occasional respectful nod. Another point that Burns only makes implicitly and I wish had explored in more depth: More than any other genre, country is the creation of radio and the record business.

Of course, chart success determines who gets sold and promoted in any genre. But nearly every genre, from blues to jazz to rock and roll, existed as musical styles before being gobbled up by the music industry. By this I mean, jazz was going strong before it got on the radio and would have gone on being jazz whether radio and record execs paid attention or not. Country, on the other hand, did not exist as a category before radio more or less made it up.

People like the Carter family played for themselves and their neighbors. It was all homemade. So the medium through which the music reached its audience has always had a disproportionate influence on what direction the music took. But Burns has uncovered some unlikely commentators who occasionally threaten to steal the whole show.

Country Music has its surprises. There were more times than I could count while watching the doc where I wished that Burns had just made a film of Marty Stuart talking. His off-the-cuff remarks are every bit as insightful as anything in the voiceover script penned by Dayton Duncan and read by Peter Coyote. It was almost like a badge of honor that you had to bring your culture with you to the table.

Johnny Cash brought the black land dirt of Arkansas. Bill Monroe brought the music out of Kentucky bluegrass music. Willie Nelson brought his poetry from Texas. Patsy Cline brought her heartache from Virginia. I mean, it was the most wonderful parade of sons and daughters of America that brought their hearts and souls and their experiences, and it gave us a great era in country music.

Episode five may be the best part of the series.

Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America

Covering the years when Haggard, Parton, Buck Owens, Loretta Lynn, and George Jones and Tammy Wynette dominated radio playlists, it showcases the moment when popularity and musical genius were one and the same. After that high point, the series, like the music it covers, loses steam. You find hardly anything weird in country anymore—no recitations, no Bill Monroe psychotic falsetto, no corny humor, none of the qualities or eccentricities that made country unique, even if it alienated respectable middle-class listeners. And it is no accident that neither will you find any of the native genius that powered the songs of Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, or Dolly Parton.

Our check-in time is from pm as standard, however I am glad that you had the opportunity to relax with lunch al fresco during the wait for check-in. My colleague, Linda, assisted you with your check-in on the day and due to your disappointment with the Meadow Nook, and whilst our Water Meadow rooms were fully occupied, we wanted to ensure that you had the opportunity to experience one of our most spacious and executive rooms, a Loft Suite.

About the Hill Country Erosion (HCE) Programme

Unfortunately our rooms don't currently feature air conditioning. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy dining with us. Our Chef's do work extensively to create exciting and flavoursome dishes and it is a shame that you left us feeling that you didn't experience that on this occasion. I will however ensure that all of your feedback is passed on to our Chef Patron, Lee, who I know will be looking into this further.

If you feel you'd like to speak further with us about your experience, one of our team would be happy to take your call at the Mill on Warm Wishes, The Mill. Told reception and they asked if we wanted to move rooms. For a bath mat?? No new one arrived. Decided to sit by the river to have a drink.

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In the brochure a clean sparkling river with swans. In reality a neglected river totally overgrown with algae. Even the residential swan was having difficulty swimming through it. Next dinner. I was hoping a menu would appear but no.

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Went up to our table and ordered. All bumph on this hotel raves about the food. Sirloin steak although I had a steak knife was stringy and to eat impossible. Changed to Hake and that was good. Thought it could not get worse. Woke up and offered to make my wife a cup of tea in bed.

No water. Reception tells me they have a leak and they are trying to get a plumber. So off to breakfast no shower no cup of tea and no soak in their super deep bath.

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After breakfast told water would be turned on but only for 30 minutes. So scurried off to shower. So no soaking in the bath. Went to pay and complained that we did not want to pay full price because of the inconvenience. Was told cannot do this as leak was out of their control. Advise dthat general manager would contact us to discuss. Foolishly paid in full and still heard nothing from manager.

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What a stressfull experience. Never again. Good Morning Alan, It is certainly disappointing to hear that your stay with us at the Mill didn't meet your expectations on this occasion. I do remember assisting you on the evening of your stay after receiving the call from your wife regarding the bath mat. Whilst I was more than happy to bring a replacement, I do remember this being declined.

As your wife sounded quite disappointed, I did mention the possibility of a complimentary upgrade as we do always try to go above and beyond for our guests. We do always strive to excel when it comes to our service and it is saddening to hear that you feel this excellence wasn't achieved.

These are comments which I will ensure are discussed among our Restaurant team in due course, including your feedback regarding the food. It was most definitely a challenging morning for both guests and our team when we were unfortunate enough to lose water across the site. Our colleagues did call all of the bedrooms to keep all guests up to date on the situation which was unfortunately out of our control.

At am we did have a plumber on site who was able to restore the supply for the remainder of the morning, allowing all guests to end their stay with access to the showers and bathrooms. We thank you for your co-operation during check-out, I do remember offering a discounted future stay as it is incredibly important to us that all of our guests have warm memories of the Mill. Our Chef Patron, Lee, will personally be in contact in due course to talk further about your experience. Best Wishes. Massive disappointment with this place, as it became really stressful with a dog in a room that was exceedingly hot.

On arrival we discovered that our room had two radiators and a heated towel rail on, with south facing full length glass folding patio doors.

Out in the Country

The temperature showed We shut off all the radiators and towel rail. To our dismay there was no air conditioning. We opened the patio doors and connected a fan provided in the room. We also went to reception and reported that the room was way too hot to leave a dog in. Reception provided a second fan, but the temperature stubbornly refused to drop below We felt unable to leave our dog in the room when we went for supper, as we were worried about the high temperature.

So we took the dog to the bar with us and ate there. On return to our room, it was still The night was very stressful, as the dog panted, we were just overwhelmed with the temperature and we had to keep filling her water bowl. We left the fans on all night, they were extremely noisy, and it was simply too hot to turn them off. Overall it was a very stressful, sleepless night. I complained again the next morning, but was told I would have to pay my outstanding bill and send an e mail to the manager subsequently.


Which I declined as I live over miles away,and stayed only because of a function nearby, and I am most unlikely to ever be in this area again. This hotel is not suitable for anyone staying with a dog in the warmer months. The hotel said that the reason they do not have air conditioning is because it is a listed building , however we stayed in a new build block away from the main building? The food we ate at the hotel was very good and I have no complaints there. However I feel everyone staying with their four legged friend needs to be aware of the deficiencies of this hotel in catering for dogs.

Good Morning, We appreciate you taking the time to write about your experience of Tuddenham Mill. It is saddening to hear that you have come away feeling less than satisfied with your stay on this occasion. I do remember working with you on the evening of your visit in an attempt to regulate the temperature in your room. Unfortunately, we were experiencing some incredibly high temperatures, which are lovely in the day time but I can sympathise that they are not so welcomed during the night.

I am sorry to hear that our efforts to help cool your room weren't overly successful. It is lovely to hear that you enjoyed your meal with us, I will ensure that your kind comments are passed onto the Chefs, I am confident that they will be happy to hear them!