The Bangkok Cat

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It should not be the focus whether the animals were real or not, but instead the ritual itself is important. Reuters was unable to independently confirm whether live animals were used in the ceremony or the photograph. A Facebook page Maewthai. Thailand has strict lese majeste laws carrying prison sentences of up to 15 years for insulting the king, queen or the heir-apparent. The tradition of using cats in royal household ceremonies dates back centuries, said historian and writer Sujane Kanparit.

Cat Sitting and DIY in Bang Yai, a semi-rural setting close to Bangkok Thailand

Cost: Admission is free, drinks and food are a little pricier than in other cafes starting at around THB but it is money well spent. Have you visited a cat or dog cafe?

Would you include one in your travel itinerary, or does cat hair with a slice of cake not sound very appealing to you? Keep up with me! Get updates, additional stories that don't make it on the blog, future travel plans, and travel tips. I also answer reader questions and have some pretty sweet travel giveaways exclusive to newsletter subscribers! Oh goodness, Dani!

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A dog cafe, on the other hand, maybe. But I get way too attached to dogs, so I fear I may become really emotional before I have to leave….

What do you mean, you are scared of cats?? I have added this to my itinerary! When exactly are you getting to Bangkok?

‘Johnny’ the Viral Satirist Cat Dies at 14

I should work on getting my other Bangkok post live then in which I share other cool places I love in Bangkok!! It took me like five visits to finally like the city! I fly there tomorrow night! Tomorrow night!

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And yes — Bangkok is the perfect place to just wander and stumble upon some cool places! I also have a crazy cat lady rep despite not having a cat for the past 11 years because of my travel lifestyle.

Cake And Cats In Bangkok

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Cats in Bangkok (Thai)

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