The Fearful Summons (Star Trek: The Original Series)

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The assassins beam back. Chang accuses Kirk of firing on them without provocation, and Spock verifies that the Enterprise did fire, even though they have all their torpedoes. Kirk surrenders and beams over with McCoy, refusing to start a war on the eve of peace. That will probably be important later. Azetbur and Chang agree, but McCoy is unable to save him. Chang has Kirk and McCoy arrested for assassinating the chancellor. Spock assumes command, tells Uhura to fill Starfleet in and then he works to determine what, precisely, happened.

The Klingon ambassador meets with the Federation president. The president therefore abides, and the Klingon ambassador departs. They object to Federation citizens being abducted, but the president reminds them about that pesky rule of law.

The Enterprise is ordered to return to Earth. Scotty and Spock try to figure out why they have all their torpedoes, yet the sensors say they fired twice. Kerla and Chang are as eager to go to war as West and Cartwright were, but Azetbur wishes to do what her father wanted. Kirk and McCoy stand trial. Chang himself prosecutes, with Colonel Worf defending. The trial is broadcast all over the galaxy, and when the magnetic boots are mentioned, Spock immediately starts a search for them.

The president and some of his staff, as well as Sarek, watch from his office, as does the crew of Excelsior ; Sulu has Rand send a message to the Enterprise offering assistance. He also admits that as captain, he is responsible for the conduct of his crew.


The Fearful Summons

Instead, they are sentenced to life in prison on Rura Penthe in the dilithium mines there. Spock and the rest of the crew continue their investigation. They determine that there must have been a small Klingon ship that can fire while cloaked positioned beneath the Enterprise.

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He then has Valeris conduct a search—either the assassins came from the Enterprise , or the people who sabotaged the computer to make it look like they fired did. Or both. Either way, the saboteurs need to be found. Kirk and McCoy arrive at the frozen wasteland of Rura Penthe. McCoy is, to say the least, thrilled. She has a way off the planet, but she needs a partner, and she thinks Kirk is the first person to come through Rura Penthe who can swing it. Chekov finds traces of Klingon blood on one of the transporter platforms, and then they find magnetic boots in the locker belonging to Crewman Dax.

Martia turns out to be a shapeshifter. In the form of a different alien, she accompanies Kirk and McCoy to a mining detail, then changes her shape to that of a little girl, thus sliding out of her leg irons.

The whole escape was far too convenient. Having them killed while trying to escape will make the most convincing cover story. Timing is everything. Scotty finds the uniforms used by the assassins. The uniforms belong to Burke and Samno, and their bodies are found in a corridor. They were killed by phasers used on stun at close range to their heads. He puts out a PA announcement, asking for a court reporter to report to sickbay to take a statement from Burke and Samno. Valeris then goes to sickbay armed to finish what she started when she killed the two yeomen.

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As if to prove it, there are Klingons and Starfleet officers alike who are working together to keep peace from happening. Spock forcibly grabs her, yanks her closer to him by the arm, and keeps her from moving away from him. And when Spock probes deeper to find the location of the conference, she screams in agony. Uhura contacts Sulu on Excelsior , and he reveals that the new location of the conference will be Camp Khitomer. Both ships proceed there at maximum warp. When the Enterprise arrives at Khitomer, Chang contacts Kirk from his cloaked ship and starts taunting Kirk and also firing on him.

Spock and Uhura hit on the idea of detecting the ionized gas the Klingon ship must exhaust while at impulse, and Spock and McCoy modify a torpedo so that it can detect those gasses. Both Enterprise and Excelsior fire on it and destroy it. Meanwhile on Khitomer, the president and Azetbur discuss the peace process. A Klingon gets up and walks out of the conference, setting up a sniper rifle, intending to kill both the president and Azetbur.

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Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Chekov, Uhura, and Valeris beam down—the latter there mainly as evidence of her confession—as does Sulu with a landing party of his own. Cartwright and Nanclus are taken into custody, and Scotty shoots the sniper—who turns out not to be Klingon. Worf and the C-in-C unmask him to reveal West. Everyone applauds. Then he gives a benedictory log entry that wishes well to the next folks who command a ship called Enterprise , boldly going where no man—where no one has gone before. So how much good was he supposed to be doing, exactly?

He also helps Spock modify the torpedo, because why use an engineer to do technical work when you can have one of your main characters violate his Hippocratic Oath? Ahead warp one, aye. Sulu finally gets the command he got in the script for The Wrath of Khan , as the movie opens with him in charge of the Excelsior , and also has him play a critical role in the climax.

Hailing frequencies open. Uhura inexplicably has absolutely no knowledge of the Klingon language whatsoever, nor is the Enterprise computer programmed with any information about it, since she and a half-dozen others are poring over a ton of codex books about the language. I cannot change the laws of physics! Valeris grabs a phaser they keep phasers in the galley???? Go put on a red shirt. Welcome aboard. The big guests are master thespians David Warner and Christopher Plummer playing Klingons, the former as Gorkon and the latter as Chang.

The Fearful Summons by Denny Martin Flynn

Michael Dorn appears as the Klingon lawyer assigned to defend Kirk and Spock. Rene Auberjonois plays West. All his scenes were deleted from the theatrical release, but were restored on home video. Christian Slater, the son of casting director Mary Jo Slater and a longtime Trek fan, makes an uncredited cameo as a member of the Excelsior crew. Trivial matters: This is the last time the entire cast of the original series will all be together on screen. He saw a screener of the film two days before he died in October , two months before its theatrical release.

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The movie was dedicated to him. This movie, made in the wake of glasnost and the end of the Cold War between the U. However, the president of Paramount, Roddenberry, and the fanbase when the notion was leaked all rejected the notion vociferously, at which point Bennett quit in a huff. Leonard Nimoy was approached to develop the film, and he both suggested a glasnost allegory with the Federation and Klingons and requested that Nicholas Meyer be brought in.

The novels were intended to be the seminal work of the series. Created by William Shatner , and co-written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens , the series explores events following James Kirk 's resurrection by agents of the Romulan Star Empire after the character's death in Generations.

Shatner outlined the first novel while filming Kirk's final scene in The colloquial name, The Shatnerverse , has been adopted by Memory Alpha and others. Characters from other films and television series appear in the novels.