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My mom and dad lived across the street from each other. They were practically childhood sweethearts. To the person who has been there for me during my tough times, I truly want to thank him for standing with me and helping me. I was very insecure when I started at Excel because girls are very judgmental and I already had a lot to deal with. Despite my worries, I met my best friends during my sixth grade year. When I let my anger get the best of me I fought.

When I chose to fight, I thought it was a good thing because I felt like I was releasing pain. In reality, it only made the situation worse. I screamed at the top of my lungs as arrived. I remember thinking to myself how this was going to be the best year of my life, well at least so far. But it turns out, I was horribly wrong. I hope all the bullies and anyone who has ever been bullied will read this and I hope they realize that God is real and his love is real. In my 8th grade year, I found some good friends that went through experiences very similar to my own.

I think A word of advice to my fellow scholars is to always keep your head up, no matter who is trying to make you feel less than. When I told my teachers and family that I was bullied, I felt better about the whole situation because I had finally sought support for an issue that had been damaging me for so long.

From being sexually assaulted when I was 8, to my parents separating when I was When I was younger, I felt like the world was me against me.

I thought of killing myself, I thought the world was holding me back. I attempted to kill myself 3 times but I always chickened out. Austin has guided us through the majority of this school year to help us get to our selected high school and I really appreciate her for that.

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As of now, I try not to let dumb drama get to me, but it is hard. My life has always been a little complex because I have to make sure that I am doing everything that my parents tell me to do. My life was kind of hard at first, because my dad had to raise me by himself. Sadly, a couple months into my 8th grade year, my grandfather died. So, my mom took me to the therapist and they diagnosed me with depression and gave me medicine. His name was Adam Barker, he was 22 years old with 3 kids and one on the way.

Just because I live in Southeast D. Actually, I am smart and I have manners. Jolly postman or other peoples' letters, The The Jolly Postman delivers cards and letters to various fairy-tale characters.

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He has a letter of apology for the three bears from Goldilocks, a postcard from Jack for the giant, and a letter for the wolf, written for Little Red Riding Hood, and more. Mary had a little lamb We all know that Mary had one little lamb, but what about the others? They can't bear to let her out of their sight either. Zelda's big adventure Zelda has big plans.

She wants to be the first chook in space. She leaves nothing to chance and packs food, fuel and a cosy nesting box. But, none of her friends wants to help with her plans. Catch that goat Ayoka, a little girl living in Nigeria, loses her goat. Of course, the goat wanders off through the market where it can cause the most mischief. Interesting mix of realism and fun.

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Albert and little Henry Albert is not a little puppy any more, he's now a big dog. But, when his baby brother, Henry, comes along, something very strange happens. Albert begins to feel small. Cuddly Dudley Dudley is so lovely and cuddly that his brothers and sisters can't leave him alone, even when he wants some time to himself.

So Dudley sets off alone across the tundra, until he discovers that being with friends and being incredibly cuddly isn't such a bad thing after all.

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Watch out big Bro's coming Mouse has some hot news. Big Bro is coming. The news spreads from Monkey to Parrot to Frog to Elephant. All the animals add to the news until the size and toughness of Big Bro is legendary. And then It's hard being an older sister when everybody is admiring your newly born, younger brother. It's particularly hard when it's happening on your birthday, especially when that younger brother is noisy, smelly and slimy, just like a tiny squid.

Lame duck protest A family discovers an injured duck at the local reserve.

In response to development plans to build a shopping centre in the reserve, local residents launch a protest to protect this natural environment, naming their protest for the lame duck who becomes the mascot for the demonstrations. Feelings An array of feelings are explored through the pages of Aliki's picture book using all kinds of illustrations and situations. It is a delightful book to share. Shoelaces are impossible!

Caterpillar really wants to learn to tie his shoelaces so he can be a tap dancing star! Luckily, his bunny friend gives him all the steps to learn how to do it. You can learn too! Terrible suitcase, The It's the first day of school and all the children have special backpacks, except for me. My mum has given me a terrible suitcase. Well, first I got mad then I used my imagination.

My friend Ernest It's the first day of school and Oscar is trying hard to be brave. Oscar's mum feels sure he will make lots of friends. But, Oscar isn't so sure, particularly when Ernest the dragon seems so mean and scary. I'm not scared Baby Owl is not scared of the dark and he shouldn't be, that's when owls are supposed to be about.

But, all the do-gooders Baby Owl meets are starting to scare his favourite toy, Owly. Dad will have to come to the rescue. Alexander's outing 'Stay close, take care', quacked Alexander's mother.

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But, Alexander is a wayward duckling. He straggles behind and disappears down a deep, dark hole. Bear's lunch, The When Wendy and Oliver decide to have a picnic in the woods, they are surprised by a great, big, growly bear. See what happens when Oliver and Wendy growl back. Belinda Every day, Old Tom tends his vegetables while Mrs Farmer milks Belinda, the cow, so there is always plenty of milk, cream and butter. Bertie When Bertie is grumpy, everyone is grumpy - the queen, the baby, the maid, the king and the little dog.

What would happen if Bertie was happy. Bertie and the bear A beautifully simple story of Bertie and the bear and a wonderful excuse for children to join in the noise-making. Brown bread and honey The King loves to run, jump and ride his horse. He also loves to eat and eat and eat until he becomes too fat to have fun any more.

When the King sacks all his cooks, he will have a problem with what to eat. Can you keep a secret The King has lost his crown. He can't find it anywhere. Follow him through this picture book and see how silly he's been. Cuthbert's babies When Cuthbert's mother brings home not one baby brother, but four baby sisters, no one seems to have any time for Cuthbert.

He wishes for someone to play with, someone big and bad. Three pirates aren't exactly what he had in mind.

Fancy that The noises and the sounds from the fowl yard can be heard for miles around. Little red hen has a secret that makes her the star of the barnyard. Fat Ferdie Fat Ferdie is a scary beast because of what he likes to eat. Grandpa and Thomas Thomas and Grandpa go to the beach. The sun is shining, the gulls are screeching and the sea is singing. This lovely picture book gently unfolds the special relationship between a grandfather and his grandchild.

Grandpa and Thomas and the green umbrella Plenty of adventure with Thomas and Grandpa when they spend a day at the beach. Herbert and Harry Herbert and Harry were brothers who did everything together till the day they have a falling out over treasure. One becomes very rich, the other stays poor but it remains to be seen whether either of them are happy.

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Hetty's day out One morning, Hetty, a large grey cat, wakes up, squeezes through her cat door and sets off to visit all the people in her neighbourhood. Everyone has something special for Hetty to snack on, in increasing quantities, none of which Hetty can refuse.

When Hetty tries to get to her cushion for a nap she realises, in a most unusual way, just how much she's eaten. I wish I had a pirate suit Peter has a pirate suit and his poor little brother has to be his prisoner and his crew.

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