The Love Compatibility Book: The 12 Personality Traits that Can Lead You to Your Soulmate

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They'd all be wearing stylish clothing and have professional hair-cuts, and the women would be wearing makeup.

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You'd see lots of expensive jewelry, watches, and designer accessories. Many people would have arrived in fancy cars. Among this group, you'd hear lively discussions about luxury cabin suites and pricey decor -- and of course, where to find the toniest boutiques, restaurants, pubs. If your co-winners were all low on Materialism, you'd see everyone dressed in simple or outdated styles — and certainly no eye-catching jewelry.

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Handbags and briefcases would be plain. Conversations would include bargain-hunting triumphs and where to find brand-name clothing outlets and boutiques selling last year's styles at big discounts. How to save money on cruises would be a favorite topic too. Within five minutes, everybody would casually introduce herself or himself to each of the other lucky winners.

Before long, the gathering would get noticeably loud, adding to the excitement and free-flowing social energy. Small groups of threes or fives would rapidly form, with lots of joke telling, raucousness, and exchanges of business cards and home phone numbers. Everyone's facial expressions would be easy to read, and a few get-togethers and dates would probably be planned among some of the twenty. Nobody would be sitting or standing alone.

The noise level would be so high by the time the video team arrived that the cruise line marketers would have to shout to make themselves heard. Amid more noisy laughter, jokes, and cross talk, the nineteen winners would almost reluctantly settle down to the business at hand. Makes sense, right? Now imagine you've entered a room filled with nineteen people low on Extroversion.

That is, they're all introverts. Almost nobody would be approaching anyone else to make an introduction. Each winner would be likely to sit down alone with food and beverage and to find the whole situation uncomfortable. To be forced to make small talk with a roomful of strangers might not rate as their worst nightmare, but it certainly would be on their list of events definitely to avoid.

The noise level in the room would be low, even after ten or fifteen minutes. There would be no bellowing laughter or mutual backslapping, and it's likely that several winners would have left the room to call their office, look for a newspaper, or use some other excuse to act on their unease. Most would be silently immersing themselves in the brochures and hoping the whole thing would soon be over.

Which relationships stand the test of time, and why?

Networking and lively socializing among the twenty would be minimal, and no subgroups would be likely to emerge. Facial expressions would be hard to read, and when the marketers announced that the video team had arrived, everyone would be relieved that this uncomfortable experience was finally over. Got you convinced? Among the group, you'd spot portable CD players and sketch pads and hear plenty of talk about Caribbean music and art — and where to find the most gorgeous vistas for taking photographs.

Conversations would also focus on interesting art galleries, museums, concert halls, and music clubs around the islands. Undoubtedly there'd also be lively discussion on the variety and quality of the cruise ship's musical entertainment. But if your co-winners were all low on Aestheticism, you would hear none of this "arty" talk. Instead, experienced island-hoppers would reminisce and exchange advice on the best places to shop, eat, or drink.

And it the topic of previous visits to Caribbean art galleries, museums, and music venues came up at all, you'd only hear complaints like, "What a waste of time!

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I was bored to tears! Most would never have been on a cruise before, having avoided such seemingly slothful vacations. Their questions for the cruise representatives, therefore, would focus on the kinds of shipboard activities available: Is there an indoor track? Does the largest pool accommodate lap swimming? What kinds of exercise equipment does the fitness center offer? And how late does the entertainment go every night? Conversations would center on opportunities for aquatic sports like snorkeling and island hiking trails. Conversely, if your group consisted of all those low on Activity Level, few individuals would appear athletic.

Generally, you'd hear questions geared to cabin comfort — that is, how to create a personal nest aboard: a "home-away-from home" as quickly and easily as possible. Nobody would be terribly concerned about the fitness center's latest equipment, the largest swimming pool's exact dimensions, or opportunities for marathon jogging.

Much more relevant for these folk would be the cabin's design and bedding, the availability of extra blankets and pillows, and the variety and serving hours of drinks, snacks, and full meals. The comfortableness of deck chairs for daylong relaxing and sleeping would likely be another conversational topic.

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Everyone would be pleasant, good-natured, and optimistic about the upcoming cruise. You'd hear lots of compliments being exchanged. Smiles would be everywhere. The room would glow with reminiscences about past vacations, and even major mishaps would be described with humor. If that makes you an individual with sky-high standards, then so be it. A Cancerian would rather stay single until they meet someone who fulfills all their criteria than commit to just about anyone.

The Cancer-Leo Cusp

Your ideal mate is someone emotionally open and who values honesty above all else. Naturally, your partner is someone who - like you - wants a long-term commitment. A Leo is very often a hopeless romantic. So, you want someone who keeps things interesting. You want to be seen and appreciated for the efforts you make for your partner, which more often than not, tends to be larger than life. Your soulmate should be able to make you feel desired because you love to be loved just as you love to love.

Leos are optimistic people looking for nurturing relationships, so a Debbie Downer is not their type. The ideal mate of a Virgo is someone with intelligence and practical sense. They should be good at picking stocks and doing their taxes. Your ideal partner has an attention for detail and can handle being scrutinized.

You will bring your best foot forward in everything that you do; so, naturally, you want a partner who can match your high standards too. Librans are all about finding the balance, so you want someone who is comfortable with your swinging introverted and extroverted phases. You are gentle and want someone to complement this trait of yours.

So, someone with a strong personality, good looks, and intelligence is your ideal mate as you'd like to be associated with such an individual when you're socializing. You are sophisticated, so your perfect partner would also be someone with a refined taste. Scorpios are drawn to those who have inner depth and imagination. A person who can challenge you and offer unconditional love is the one for you. You can see through just about anyone, so honesty is an absolute must in the person hoping to have a relationship with you. Your ideal partner needs to be independent and empathetic as well.

You have an exciting life and you value freedom and independence that keep the excitement unbound and ongoing. So, you prefer someone who is equally free-spirited and adventurous. I can be ready pretty quickly, give me ten I'll give you fabulous. I like to look good, so however long that takes! I gotta get the perfect outfit! When were you thinking?