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Mathew Roydon sometimes spelled Matthew died was an English poet associated with the School of Night group of poets and writers. He was soon afterwards a prominent figure in literary society in London, and knew the poets of the day, including Philip Sidney , Christopher Marlowe , Edmund Spenser , Thomas Lodge , and George Chapman.

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Roydon fell in with Marlowe, and he, Thomas Harriot , and William Warner are mentioned among those companions of the dramatist who shared his freethinking. The group around Marlowe, in his view, discussed religion, and besides Roydon included Harriot and Walter Warner. In later life Roydon seems to have entered the service of Robert Radcliffe, 5th Earl of Sussex , a patron of men of letters. He was reduced to appeals for charity to Edward Alleyn. His friendship with Sidney he commemorated in his Elegie, or Friends passion for his Astrophill , a poem on Sidney's death.

It was first published in the Phoenix Nest , , and was printed with Spenser's Astrophel in Spenser's Colin Clout , ; and it reappears in later editions of Spenser's works.

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Another of his literary friends, Chapman, dedicated to him his Shadow of Night in , and Ovid's Banquet of Sence in He wrote of Roydon,. John Davies of Hereford addressed to Roydon highly complimentary verse in the appendix to his Scourge of Folly , Francis Meres , in his Palladis Tamia , describes Roydon as worthy of comparison with the great poets of Italy. Apart from his elegy on Sidney, the only other compositions by Roydon in print are some verses before Thomas Watson 's Sonnets , and before Sir George Peckham 's True Reporte And last night, three of its members performed one of the opening shows of the same name at the first ever Impulse festival.

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  6. This was improv at its finest. Effortlessly combining Chaucerian dialect , iambic pentameter and Shakespearian prose , the three performers commanded the stage and incited a steady flow of laughter from the audience.

    The performance began with a brief English lesson, albeit more comical and engaging than the average classes one would take in high school, college or university. Spectators were treated to an introduction to the evolution of modern English usage, complete with historical nods and explanations of literary syntax and grammar. It even featured a jab at embattled Toronto mayor, Rob Ford.

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    And each brought something wonderfully unique to the performance. Cox embodied the bravado one would expect from a Shakespearian protagonist.

    Specializing in the lewder and bawdier variety of comedy, Cox was not afraid to take chances on stage.